Dave Cameron: What a diamond geezer

Today’s Sun has an article penned by David Cameron that aims to convince us that he is not a Tory toff. It is full of Gavin and Tracy, Gary Barlow and the new year television viewing habits of the Cameron household.

From this article it is clear that Dave Cameron is an everyday bloke, a real diamond geezer.

Actually his article is an insult to the intelligence of ordinary people. They won’t suddenly be convinced that he isn’t upper middle class, via Eton and Oxford and the Bullingdon.

This remains Cameron’s Achilles Heal, and he knows it. He is a Tory toff and the more he tries to pretend he is otherwise, the more we will know he is worried about this.

The Tory Party website still refers to the schools attended by Shadow Cabinet members if they attended Comprehensives but is silent on Eton and other private schools attended by Cameron, George Osborne et al. This in spite of an assurance to “sort out the website” given to Jon Soppell on The Politics Show.

When it comes to playing the class card, Gotdon Brown is not guilty. Just once, at PMQ, did he refer to the playing fields of Eton. The shame is that he has not done so more often.

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