Women candidates and websites to be proud of in Brighton Pavilion

Sad person that I am, I have spent Boxing Day (well just a couple of hours) surfing the net looking at the websites of different parties and politicians. (The reality is that I was playing with a new laptop, a Christmas pressie).

Previously I have said that Chuck Vere has hit the ground running with a clean, easy to follow website, although she did not like reference to her looking awkward in the photo gallery. The photos are much improved, showing a range of events around the consituency (although none yet on the Number 50 bus from Churchill Square to …. you get the point!)

Caroline Lucas’ website balances her dual life of Super Green in the European Parliament with her campaigning activities in Brighton Pavilion.  The greater emphasis on ‘local’ is much to be applauded, as was her mailing to every home in the consitutuency in early December.  It must have cost a small fortune and cannot be sustained in the long term without an army of supporters in each and every neighbourhood, not just those in the Muesli Belt.

To my horror I discovered I didn’t have a link to the website of Nancy Platts.  I am sincerely sorry for this oversight, one that I have corrected this evening. Nancy’s earlier website has had a fundamental overhaul and is now the equal of those of her two challengers. The Gallery of photos shows her record as a local campaigner that far exceeds that of Caroline and especially that of Chuck.  She has the advantage of being local and having been in place for a couple of years. And she knows where Crabtree Avenue is (Question to CL and CV – Crabtree Avenue is on which bus route …?)

But if you are limited in time because you have a life, perhaps I could draw your attention to a video (also on You Tube) on the Brighton and Hove Green Party website, a speech made earlier in 2009 by Green Councillor Amy Kennedy in which she introduces a successful motion calling on Brighton & Hove City Council to celebrate its leadership of women’s rights by adopting the Fawcett Charter.  The all-women campaign in Brighton Pavilion stands as a beacon highlighting the best in British politics at a time when the political process is in poor health.  Labour, Conservatives and Greens can be equally proud of the three impressive women selected to fight the seat at the General Election.

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