Brighton Politics Awards 2009 – have your say

We are entering the ‘silly season’ for politics, when real politics is put on hold. BPB is no exception so today the Brighton Politics Awards are being launched.  Between now and the new year various category winners will be announced, and you will have the opportunity to nominate the Brighton Politician of the Year. 

Voting would be too democratic, but the winner will be influenced by the quality of nominations.  This prestigious set of awards have no prize other than the admiration that the winner will attract from others!

I would also welcome suggestions for categories.  Already in place are, of course, Politician of the Year, Here Today/Gone Tomorrow award, Biggest Loser of the Year, Blog of the Year, Gaff of the Year, Leader of the Year, and Newcomer of the Year, Campaign Group of the Year, and Young Politician of the Year.

Some awards are obvious, some serious, others more flippant.  What do you think? And who would you nominate?

2 Responses

  1. well this is proving popular

    • Hi ‘sunday eve’ (aka Mark Jones, kemptown, Queens Park Tory), I know you are not the greatest fan of this Blog, but it’s Christmas, the time of goodwill to all, festive cheer, and the occasional bit of bar humbug. Join in the spirit of this. Why not nominate your Tory of the Year – I’ll create a special category. In fact I will add Tory of the Year, Labourite of the Year and Green of the Year, and from them will emerge the Brighton Politician of the Year. And given it’s Christmas, I’ll even do a Lib Dem of the Year. Happy Christmas to you. BPB

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