There is no support for designating St James Street as the Gay Village of Brighton

I am surprised that my post earlier today, saying that the St James Street area should not become the Gay Village of Brighton,  has received almost no reaction. Apart from a comment of support from Tory candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Chuck Vere, there has been nothing!

There are two possible reasons for this: a) everyone has been too busy with X-factor; b) this is the case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  It is the done thing to say that the area is the Gay Village but in reality there isn’t the groundswell of opinion in favour of it.

So let’s drop the idea once and for all, for the reasons outlined in my earlier post.

4 Responses

  1. Exactly Baps, why on earth should it be made ‘official’ – whatever that means. I hope that we are past empty gestures such as making an official ‘gay village’.

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Vere (Conservative PPC Brighton Pavilion)

  2. Surely we should just accept the wishes of the residents living in the area? If the community wishes for it to be designated an ‘official gay village’ then there really shouldn’t be a problem.

    I’m not a member of either the LGBT or St. James Street community, so my own personal opinion shouldn’t really matter.

    It’s down to whether or not the LGBT or St. James Street community welcomes the designation or not.

    • Would we be saying the same thing if the local residents of the area wanted it designated the “indigenous British population”? Of course we would unite against that. I say again, the LGBT communities should feel safe and secure in the whole of Brighton and Hove.

  3. They should feel safe in the whole of Brighton, quite right, but it is up to the St. James Street community.

    We know that if St. James Street was ever designated as an ‘official gay village’, then it’s not going to lead to attacks on straight people living in the area, and would not encourage the kind of divisiveness as designating an area ‘whites only.’

    As someone who would be classified as ‘white British’ on the census, I would find it intolerable if an area was designated ‘indigenous British population.’ But I am not a member of the either the LGBT or St. James Street community, and so therefore I will not meddle with something that is up to it’s residents to decide.

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