Today’s Tory Party remains remains anti-environment, anti-Europe, anti-gay, pro-rich, pro-bankers, and pro-toff.

What an interteresting time at the meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council on Thursday evening. At last the three opposition parties are co-operating to defeat the shortsighted policies of the Tories (while not establishing a formal alliance).

As for the Tories, apart from Mary Mears, the Tories sounded hollow, out of date and lacking in imagination.  Even Mary sounded a but of a whinger with her ‘we were elected to run the City, they didn’t vote for your alliance’  type whinge.  She has no choice now but to reintroduce a consultative style of leadership that builds a consensus.  The alternative is more seven hour meetings filled with division.  This could be a disaster for the City, but great for the bloggers!  It remains to see if Mary can put the interest of the smooth administration of the City above party political considerations.

Fantastic news about a possible congestion charge.  Poor old Geoffrey Theobald was left singing from his well-thumbed hymn sheet, not realising that the tune has changed.  And that is the problem for the Tories.  David Cameron may say that it is a new Conservative Party, but its grass roots and many of its councillors (not to mention many leading MP’s) are stuck in an anti-environmentalist mind set.  It must be embarassing for the likes of Chuck Vere who is so clearly out of step with the majority in her Party.  Will she come out in favour of a congestion charge for Brighton and Hove?  Will she denounce those with their heads buried in the sand (like Geoffrey Theobald) on environmental issues and who want a free for all on traffic.  Will Chuck herself pledge to use public transport during the run up to and during the campaign (both in and around Brighton as well as her commute from south London?

The loony right of the Tories (the majority of the Party) remains anti-environment, anti-Europe, even anti-gay.  It remains pro-rich, pro-bankers, and pro-toff.

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  1. Dear Baps,

    A recent poll showed that most people in Britain do not believe that climate change is happening.

    This issue and other environmental issues such as those around sustainability and energy security need leadership; realistic and pragmatic people to get the message out without ranting hysterically and quashing open debate. I believe that this message comes through very clearly from me and from the Conservatives.

    With regards my ‘commute’ – no need – I have myself a pad!

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Vere (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion)

  2. So, Charlotte, climate change, is it happening or isn’t it, and who is to blame?

    (Besides, every opinion poll suggests that ‘most’ people won’t be voting Tory at the General Election)

  3. I wonder what nameless ‘Recent Poll’ Ms Vere is referring to?

    I wonder, if perhaps, it’s the most recent ICM* figures for The Sunday Telegraph which found that:

    52 % of respondents thought humans were largely responsible for modern day rises in temperatures

    39 % said climate change had not yet been proven to be man-made.

    23 % thought climate change was “the most serious problem faced by man”.

    7% did not believe climate change was happening at all.

    So it seems that MOST people, ie 52%, clearly DO believe that climate change is happening. Only 7% don’t.

    Bit of advice, if you try to breezily claim something as contentious as “…A recent poll showed that most people in Britain do not believe that climate change is happening…” try to back it up with facts – quote the poll in question as it would seem that the most recent figures show that what’s happening is actually the opposite of what you are claiming.

    So – I have to wonder, are you genuinely ill-informed or actually trying to deceive?
    Neither are especially great traits in a would-be parliamentary candidate – although both do seem awfully familiar Tory territory…

    *ICM questioned 1,001 adults by telephone on December 2-3.

    • Dear Nikkib,

      Thank you very much for adding that data. The poll that I was referring too was in The Times –
      – it is a month or so older than yours and I don’t read the Sunday Telegraph, so I hadn’t seen that poll which was published on the day I posted. Even the poll you quoted shows that almost half of those polled have doubts as to whether anthropogenic global warning exists.

      My personal view is that it sadly looks like anthropogenic global warming is occurring and therefore we need to act accordingly. However, we need to ensure that we remain receptive and open to all scientific arguments, as the cost to our country and the world in order to reduce carbon emissions will be enormous – and we can ill afford it in such troubled economic times.

      BTW, I am a parliamentary candidate and not a would-be one. I would also challenge your breezy statement that being ‘ill-informed and trying to deceive’ are ‘familiar Tory territory’. You just lower the tone of the debate and eventually it becomes pointless to engage.

      With best wishes,

      Charlotte Vere (Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion)

  4. Um, OK. You just quoted your source which says that:

    “15 per cent say that the world is not warming.”
    “51 per cent think it is “a serious problem, but other problems are more serious”.

    So still – nothing like “…most people in Britain do not believe that climate change is happening.”

    You continue, I’m afraid, to be incorrect.
    Most people DO think global warming is a serious issue – not just according to the most recent stats – but also to the ones that you are blithely misquoting yourself.

    Do try to read further than the headline if you want to use something as evidence.
    I’m not ‘lowering the tone of the debate’ – just quoting facts & verifiable numbers ie relying on actual evidence rather than half-remembered & poorly regurgitated Daily Mail headlines masquerading as truth.
    You may be used to dealing with poorly briefed people in your own party; what you will come to realise is that we here in Brighton are somewhat brighter than that…

    • Dear Nikki,

      ‘Incorrect’ in what way? Where did the Daily Mail come into it – I certainly don’t read that paper!

      You have my views in the post above and you are well aware, and indeed have quoted yourself, that there remains a range of views amongst the population in Brighton and in Britain. My point is that we need an open and honest debate rather than name throwing and narrow minded politician bashing – the issue is too big for that.

      Please read my post again. I hope that you will understand that my favoured course of action is not tied to the figures, it would not change had your figures or my figures said 30% or 80%. I was a Biochemical Engineer at university and am well aware that science can be horribly right and horribly wrong. We need to do the best we can with the information we have.

      And in your last sentence I am so disappointed to see that you bash the Tories again – I reiterate that you are ‘lowering the tone’ and I hope that you would know better than that.

      Best wishes,

      Charlotte Vere (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion)

  5. Sigh. Oh dear, let’s try again:
    you said:
    “A recent poll showed that most people in Britain do not believe that climate change is happening.”

    No they didn’t.

    Figures show that is utterly false – indeed the opposite is true.
    I don’t see how I can be any clearer.

  6. Sorry Nikki, you are right – I missed out the word ‘anthropogenic’ or ‘man made’ from the original post – my apologies – I did wonder what on earth you were on about! The rest of the points I made remain perfectly valid and I am happy to discuss.

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Vere

  7. So are you saying you’re for, or against, the idea of a congestion charge in Brighton, Charlotte? Be very interested to know – not a definitive policy position, but just be interested to hear which way you leaned on this questions. It feels like it might be an important one to us Brighton voters.

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