An awkward Charlotte Vere, an out-of-date Nancy Platts, and a potential Caroline Lucas/Alex Phillips substitution

A week is, as Harold Wilson said, a long time in politics. In the last week Charlotte Vere hit the ground running and her new website is, in my opinion, the most impressive of all three candidates in Brighton Pavilion. Nancy Platts and Caroline Lucas underestimate her at their peril.  However, the website does have the feel of someone new to Brighton and Hove, with Chuck, as she likes to be known, posing awkwardly at various points around the constituency. 

Nancy Platts, as always, is active in and around the constituency, being the first rate candidate that she is.  However, her campaign is demonstrating the absence of an activist base that is the lot of Labour candidates up and down the constituency.  A leaflet was put out last week that is two months out of date.  In the leafet Nancy writes: “I thought I would take this early opportunity to let you know a few of the things that the Prime Minister said in his speech at the Labour Party Conference”.  Early opprtunity?  The speech was two months ago.  Nancy is being let down by her campaign team.  It Labour can’t arrange for a leaflet drop throughout the constituency in a timely fashion, Nancy’s campaign is doomed.  She deserves better.

Caroline Lucas has visited the constituency this week, speaking at a meeting at the University about threatened job cuts.  But she still still lacks a presence in the City.  Alex Phillips has a higher profile than Caroline, speaking well at a conference on issues impacting on older people where she was ‘representing’ Caroline.  The Greens need to make a decision – if they want to win Brighton Pavilion, their candidate has to be seen beyond the usual Green suspects and students.  Perhaps they are thinking of switching candidates at this late stage.  It would explain Alex Phillips’ higher than usual profile.

And the Lib Dems, following the resignation earlier this week of their candidate, Andrew Falconer, are to select his replacement from an all-woman shortlist.  In doing so, this hopeless Party is attempting to hitch its rusty shopping trolly onto the bandwagon that is the real campaign between Nancy, Caroline/Alex and Chuck.

There will be plenty of twists and turns before the Brighton Pavilion campaign is settled.

4 Responses

  1. Dear Baps,

    My website has the feel, I hope, of a newly selected candidate who is hoping to give the electorate the chance to get to know the person who may well represent them at a national level.

    I have, very deliberately, decided not regurgitated party policy, and I will add my thoughts and activities, both nationally and locally, as we go through the period up to the next GE. If elected, my website will of course be the locus of my digital presence as a Member of Parliament.

    So, let me know what you think – the email address really does come straight to me and yes, everything that you read has been written by me.

    Right, now off to Google Alex Phillips – who he/she?

    Best wishes,

    Chuck, or as I like to be know, Charlotte

    PS: ‘Posing awkwardly’? – I haven’t even managed to get photos up yet!

  2. Greens to switch their candidate? Absolutely not, no chance.

    Your suggestion is scrupulous and lacks any evidence to suggest otherwise.

    Caroline is a hardworking MEP, hat is her job, to represent the people of Brighton- and the whole of the South East- in the European Parliament.

    And Charlotte,

    Alex Phillips was the Green candidate who took the Tory seat in the Goldsmid by-election because of the resignation of the absent Tory councillor in that ward.

    It was pretty big news in Brighton and Hove because the Green victory put Brighton and Hove city council into NOC.

    Seems like you have alot more homework to do.



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