Charlotte Vere defends Zac Goldsmith’s non dom status with grace and humour

I must admit that, even though she is a Tory, I am gaining some affection and admiration for Brighton Pavilion candidate, Charlotte Vere. In a post yesterday I was critical of David Cameron and the Tories (nothing unusual there – perhaps some would regard the post as a cheap shot!).  I laughed at the attempt by double barreled Tories for trying to appear more common.  (It is amazing how many claim to have been brought up in Council estates!  Clearly a breeding ground for double barreled Tories). 

But I also attacked mega-rich Zac Goldsmith for his non dom status.  To her credit, Chuck Vere posted a stout defence of non doms and her friend Zac Goldsmith in particular.  A brave move.  She also responds with grace and humour.  She has that in common with Nancy Platts.  I have no idea whether Caroline Lucas is blessed with similar grace and humour: she is yet to demean herself by responding to this blog!

But back to Chuck Vere. In case you don’t read comments left on this blog, here is what she posted:

“I was a Finance Director for a couple of years and so, as a bit of a nerd, I have a better than average understanding of tax. I even understand the non-dom system which has been in place for donkey’s years – and no, Labour didn’t get round to changing it and have left it too late now as they whimper away from power. The Conservative will change the non-dom system by requiring all non-doms to pay an annual fee of £25,000. Non-doms per se aren’t a bad thing – they are just people who consider themselves domiciled in another country. And that is a very difficult thing for even the tax man to define!

“However, non-doms contribute a huge amount to our economy, principally tax on their UK earnings, so whilst it may require further work, the system should be changed only with careful consideration. Back to Zac, someone I have campaigned with and someone who I consider a friend. I have never discussed his tax affairs with him, but judging from an email I got from him yesterday the truth of the matter is that he has not inherited capital, which is still tied up in trusts which were set up by his father. He does however have a, quite substantial, income from the capital on which he pays UK tax like we all do on our income. He also donates more money than you and I will see in a lifetime to charities and environmental causes.

“I am OK with these arrangements, many of which he can’t change anyway, and feel that morally he is on very solid ground. I am sorry to see this type of low grade campaigning against Zac from the Liberal Democrats. I believe they are probably getting very worried in Zac’s constituency of Richmond Park.

“Best wishes Baps, Charlotte Sarah Emily Vere (according to my passport – my parents were clearly influenced by the Brontes!) “

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  1. Right old Eton Mess: Zak, unlike Charlotte Vere clearly doesn’t see non-dom status as acceptable – he’s just given it up after pressure from Cameron

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