Caroline Lucas ate my hamster, Nancy Platts my goldfish, and Charlotte Vere my gerbil

Sorry about the headline, but I wanted to attract your attention!  This is the 100th post since the Brighton Politics Blog was launched on 8th June. It is odd to see what interests and excites, provokes reaction, and attracts anger. A post on politics or policy gets little attention, as does a comment on a national or international issue.  A post about Gordon Brown announcing the inquiry into the Iraq War was viewed by just 1 person!

On the other hand, if I post something about partisan politics, a comment in favour of Nancy Platts or Caroline Lucas, or even a recent defending the Tory candidate in Brighton Pavilion, Charlotte Vere, gets loads of hits for days, even weeks.  That’s why I have used the misleading (but successful) headline above!

The response through public comments and private messages has been great.  Thank you.  I have been impressed by the engagement of both Nancy Platts and Chuck Vere, and disappointed by the silence from Caroline Lucas and her election team (all adding to my sense of her being aloof).  On the other hand, it could suggest that she is more discerning than Nancy and Chuck.  As one correspondent has put it, that this blog is “not very original. Your blog is not kept up-to-date. It is pretty dull to the average person. In fact it is just not very good”, or as another said that it is just “twaddle”.  If this is the case then Caroline is wise to ignore a blog that is “superficial, snide and irrelevant”!

Having said that, the readership on a daily basis is now surprising me, and it is very gratifying to have items picked up on other blogs, referred to at public events, and quoted in other media.

Over the next six months the focus of this blog will be on the general election campaign, and those seats in Sussex that might return non-Tory MP’s. There will be a definite focus on Brighton Pavilion, and I look forward to getting your views on the campaign, the key issues and the performance of the three main candidates.

6 Responses

  1. Hello again BPB. We love your blog and have read every post. It’s testament the accessibility and easy style of your writing that we are just every day business people…and I imagine you have hundreds of readers, who, like us, exist outside of politics but understand its importance when set in context. Keep up the good work and congratulations on an informative and valuable contribution to debate in the city.

  2. Congratulations, and here’s to the next hundred.

  3. Congrats on 100 posts Baps! May we see many hundred more, particularly over the next six months.

    You mention that you get lots of hits when you mention me? That will be all the Conservative voters in Brighton Pavilion 😉

    With best wishes,


    • Thanks, Chuck. Glad to have a growing fan base in the Brighton Pavilion Conservative Association! Baps

  4. I just can’t help myself, BPB.. Despite, Digby Scott [sic] no longer being quite so actively involved, I still read your blog; it still irks me, but occasionally it entertains me as well.. And it’s nice to see you being nice to a tory… in fact, it’s nice to see you being nice..!

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