Charlotte Vere’s selection is threat to Caroline Lucas

Sometimes I get it wrong, sometimes I get it wrong BIG time. I got it wrong big time over the Tory selection in Brighton Pavilion.

First of all, congratulations to Charlotte Vere on her selection. And I aologise for labelling her and others as ‘lame donkeys’. It was a cheap shot and unworthy.

Within hours of her selection I received a very gracious message from Charlotte. So again, congratulations and apologies.

Her selection is excellent news for Brighton Pavilion. It guarantees a woman Member of Parliament for the first time in its history.

The election campaign itself will be fascinating with three extremely able women candidates in Nancy Platts (Labour), Caroline Lucas (Green), and now Charlotte Vere.

The contrast between the campaigns to be run in the 2 Brighton seats could not be greater. In Brighton Kemptown the three main parties are likely to field men who will aim (and are already trying) to out do each other in pursuit of the gay male vote.

Green issues, amongst various social issues, are likely to dominate the Brighton Pavilion campaign.

But class issues, cuts in jobs and services, and poverty are likely to feature prominently as well.

The selection of Charlotte Vere will, ironically, weaken Caroline Lucas’ campaign (to the advantage of Nancy Platts) given Charlotte’ credentials as an environmental campaigner and her close relationship with Zac Goldsmith.

Right of centre environmentalists can stay true to form by voting for a green Tory. The green vote is in danger of being fatally diluted.

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  1. Thanks BPB, as ever, for your analysis – I can’t helping thinking exactly the opposite though: the Tories seem to have looked at Caroline’s agenda and chosen a candidate accordingly. Personally, and I’ve worked closely with her for years now, I think Caroline will ‘out-Green’ CV easily – and the silly Tories have chosen to battle Caroline on Green issues.

    And on a different note – I may be male but, for me, the election in Brighton Kemptown isn’t solely about courting the vote of gay men, it’s about trying to create a fairer life for everyone living in the constituency – and that means families with children, older people of undisclosed sexuality, and students too.

    Ben Duncan

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