Brighton Pavilion: I apologise for getting it so wrong

Charlotte Vere has been selected as the Tory candidate in Brighton Pavilion. Throughout the process I had predicted a one horse race with Tory insider Digby Scott certain to win. He had had a head start and was well resourced. In the event he was knocked out in the second ballot.

Charlotte Vere is the first woman Conservative ever to be selected in Brighton Pavilion. It makes the Brighton Pavilion fight even more fascinating with three strong women candidates: Labour’s Nancy Platts, Green Caroline Lucas, and now Tory Charlotte Vere.

Congratulations, Charlotte. Please accept my apologies.

4 Responses

  1. There were six strong candidates for the Open Primary and, although I was selected on the night, I would like to pay tribute to everyone that went through a hard fought process.

    Coffee BPB? Please feel free to email me.

    Best wishes,


  2. That’s a gracious response to being labelled a lame donkey. I still think it’ll be Green, Tory, Labour in May, though.

    • For a second John I misread that as ‘Green, Tory or Labour in May’ – not a particularly bold prediction 😉

      (And yes I agree with what you actually said)

  3. Charlotte, will you do as your fellow candidates have done and make the pledge to be a cruelty-free candidate in Brighton Pavilion?

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