Brighton Pavilion and the ‘art of blogging’

Us bloggers are a strange breed.  There is nothing we enjoy more than really getting up people’s noses.  In the last week I have been delighted to get some particularly damning comments about this blog.

“kemptown”, who appears to be a Labour supporter, commented: “You really are a bit odd and this blog is not really very good. Come on do some real blogging for a change”.  I responded that I felt “chastened to the core by this cutting analysis. I’m not sure if I’ll ever recover”.  Well that was last night, this is now the morning after and I feel inspired by the encouragement I have received from “kemptown”.

Nikki Bayley, a Green supporter, writes about me, “The more I read your tweet the more annoying it becomes”. She says that she is “irked” by my blog and accuses me of taking “cheap shots”.  Such recognition is always welcome.  Thank you Nikki. She has commented that she doesn’t like my use of phrases such as “What I hear from …” or “Many say that…” ,  She says that I say things with “absolutely no back up at all”.  She goes on “Fortunately, I benefitted from good editors & was never allowed to crowbar in my own views as those of others and have learnt that doing things like that is awfully lazy (& inaccurate) journalism”.

From what I hear, people seem to like what I post, not because they necessarily agree with what I say.  Indeed, many say that they read it because it isn’t what they believe in.  (Actually, I made the last two sentences up, can’t back up these statements, and was being lazy as these are, in truth, my own views).

The serious point about blogging is that it can be ones own views; it can be opinionated and does not have to pretend to be up to normal journalistic standards.  Love it or loath it, you don’t have to read it and you certainly don’t have to rely on it.  What I try to do through this blog is to comment on political issues and events, mainly local ones.

In Brighton and Hove we have one of the most interesting political fights in decades, between Nancy Platts and Caroline Lucas. I have consistently made my views clear: the prospect of the first ever Green MP is exciting and I want to see it happen.  I fear that Caroline Lucas is not proving to be a good local candidate and the campaign has yet to be ignited.  Nancy Platts on the other hand is a good local candidate who is working hard, but who is standing for the wrong party.  Unless there is a massive swing back to Labour, she will not win.

My fear is that a split vote between a defeated Labour Party and a lacklustre Green campaign that should have, but did not, maintain momentum after the Goldsmid by-election, will allow the Tories to win (and they don’t yet have a candidate, for goodness sake).

What should be the most interesting political fights in decades may yet have the result that Nikki, “kemptown” and I really don’t want.

4 Responses

  1. No, you misunderstand me…

    Your writing is not very original. Your blog is not kept up-to-date. It is pretty dull to the average person. In fact it is just not very good.

    Your blog title also suggests you are indpendent – giving a critical look at brighton politics – when actually you are as partisan as anyone else.

    And that last post really was just odd.

    You like to spout your views, these are mine. Perhaps you should take them in the spirit you expect other people to take your comments about them.

    • You deceive to flatter! You accuse me of partisanship. At least I post my colours to the mast. Can I assume that ‘kemptown’ is the same person who posts comments as ‘Queen’s Park Tory’, aka ‘Mark Jones’ or is it a complete coincidence that all three use the same IP address?

      • whats in consistent with that? or are you against free speech as well?

        breach of data protection revealing info like that – £10k fine and no defence – now whats their address?

  2. I don’t seek to flatter. But as someone who has blogged for a fair few years and been involved with online communities and how they behave, for more than a decade, it strikes me that you must be getting it right when people tell you you’re getting it wrong.

    Personally, I don’t agree with your analysis. I think Labour can win Brighton Pavilion again and I think Nancy is a great candidate. Indeed, as a Labour supporter, today was a real spur for me to do more to help her.

    I went down to the Brighton Cenotaph this morning and saw Dr Lucas in action and in the flesh for the first time. She was standing on the platform with the Mayor, David Lepper and Des Turner, Mary Mears, various dignatories, Lord Lieutenant etc.

    As the vets and service men and the various local groups marched past to give the Mayor the salute, at what should be a really proud moment, the Green leader clapped at best weakly and looked thoroughly unhappy to be there. Not at all the spirit of the event!

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