Jean Calder would be an asset to the Blogosphere

I’m at risk of being accused of misogyny – not only did I forget to mention Green Amy in my initial review of local political blogs (I realised my mistake straight away), I was rebuked by greenkemptownben for not reviewing the blog of Caroline Lucas (an error I rectified yesterday). Today it was pointed out to me that I missed the blog of a third woman, former Argus columnist, Jean Calder.

In my defence I can point to a link on my Blogroll and the fact that her blog doesn’t appear to have been updated for some time.  Her blog consists mainly (completely?) of her much missed column in the Argus.  Some people say it was the only reason to buy the Argus! While she is not an active blogger, a visit to her site is well worth reading.  If you read this, Jean, make a comeback.  A regular blog from you would be worth reading.

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