Caroline Lucas, as local as the Isle of Wight

Ben Duncan, or greenkemptownben as he is known to his nearest and dearest, has commented in his blog about my blog about other people’s Brighton blogs (if you follow).  Who said us bloggers are a sad bunch of anoracks (or in the case of Green Amy, tabards)? Anyway, he said that I omitted to review the blog of Caroline Lucas.  He writes: “He’s missing one of the best political blogs though for a local take on national issues, that of Caroline Lucas, local MEP, Green Party Leader, and parliamentary candidate in Brighton Pavilion”.

So I had a look at the blog of the Great Leader (apologies to Andrew Neil).  Of the ten latest posts, how many provided the “local take on national issues” referred to by greenkemptownben of this parish? None, actually.  The nearest we get to Brighton Pavilion is the Isle of Wight.  What she writes about is all good stuff, but the focus does reflect a common view that she is aloof (I know the old joke, the world needs more loofs). There is a feeling, and this is why a Green victory in Brighton Pavilion at the General Election is not certain, that she she sees Brighton Pavilion as the next step in her wonderful career. What a shame when, with a candidate focused on local campaigning (like Labour’s Nancy Platts), the Greens could have made history in Brighton Pavilion.

As for Nancy, wrong Party and the wrong time. As for the Greens, wrong candidate, could have been the right time.

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  1. The more I read your tweet, the more annoying it becomes, “Caroline Lucas, as local to Brighton Pavilion as the Isle of Wight. Read about the weakness of her campaign. ”
    Your blog says that it “..has left of centre comments on politics at a local, national and international level” and yet your tweet reads like the boo hoo of a school yard bully.
    Anger, bitterness and a kind of teeth grinding fury are all things I’ve come to expect from Labour members these days. Don’t get me wrong…I get it. Of course you’re angry – who wouldn’t be! I’m an ex-Labour voter myself, but how do you keep the faith when your party does the things that it’s done over the past few years without getting angry, bitter and well, rather upset?
    Me, I couldn’t – after the war I washed my hands and said, ‘enough’. But I get it – I do, I understand how upsetting and infuriating it must be to keep hanging on in there and trying to believe that Labour stand for anything that you’d want to put your name to.
    But that said to tweet, ‘ about the weakness of her campaign’ and then not be able to show that in any way at all? That’s just plain bitchy.
    I’d suggest a change in your ‘About’ section. Be a little more honest, perhaps in your motives.
    Yrs Greenly and looking forward to still being in the right party at the right time when we take yet another election, cos hey – we’re getting good at that here in Brighton & Hove…

    • Hi Nikki, you should chill a bit. If you read my blog regularly you would see that I am non-aligned. I haven’t been a Labour Party member since well well before the Gulf War. I said enough is enough in the early days of Blair. I would love to see Green MP’s but what I am saying is that to win in Brighton Pavilion the Greens have to have an extraordinary candidate (Caroline Lucas may be extraordinary) and that candidate would have to run an extraordinary campaign (and that is not happening). I will continue to be critical in my blog until such time as I see Caroline running an effective campaign. Without one the seat will definitely go Tory. You and I can at least agree that that must be avoided. I am impressed by Nancy Platts but as I have said on several occasions, being a Labour candidate is her greatest handicap. Yours – BPB

  2. I pretty much never comment on blogs but there was something in the wording of that tweet that irked me. It was mean, it was untrue & frankly – it was a cheap shot. I take your point over other posts after reading them but I disagree about a weakness in campaigning.
    Ladbrokes pretty much get things right & they are backing Brighton to be electing the first Green MP add that to the recent YouGov poll that also put the Greens in a winning position – neither of these add up to a ‘weak campaign’.
    I’m all for being constructively critical but I don’t feel you were in this case.

    • All I can say is if my criticism (and it is intended to be constructive and not a cheap shot) assists in providing a focus that consolidates Caroline’s position, then I will be pleased. What I hear from those wanting to vote Green (most former Labour members/voters) is that she is yet to make the impact locally that she needs to do. – BPB

  3. Long ago, when the world was young & I was a trainee journalist, whenever i wanted to make a point but had nothing to substantiate it with, I’d always try & sneak in phrases like, “…What I hear from …” or “..Many say that…” ie – absolutely no back up at all.
    Fortunately, I benefitted from good editors & was never allowed to crowbar in my own views as those of others and have learnt that doing things like that is awfully lazy (& inaccurate) journalism.
    If you’re interested in a genuine piece of data I learned today that Caroline Lucas is outright favourite to win with Paddy Power and SkyBet too. Clearly many people out there don’t feel that the campaign is weak. I do have to wonder who you are talking to that the bookies and YouGov aren’t… it would be strange, don’t you think, for you to be covering more ground in terms of research than all of them & coming to quite a different conclusion?
    Just a thought…

  4. I find Nikki Bayley’s ad hominem attacks and complete avoidance of any of the very salient points being made by BPB to be quite unfortunate, and is proof that Greens can dish out criticism but they can’t take it.

    How are betting numbers “genuine pieces of data”, Nikki Bayley? How does that represent many people? I hate to break it to you but the bookies were also saying great things about the Greens winning lots of extra seats in the Euro elections…. and look how that turned out. Betting isn’t science. But then again I guess you are from the party that is against stem cell research and is for homeopathic medicine.

    And YouGov are a polling company. Show me the poll of Brighton voters that 51% of them will vote Green. The Greens got 22% of the vote last time – THIRD behind the Tories and Labour. THAT is a genuine piece of data. The general election will see a Tory swing. What is the Brighton campaign doing to reach out to Tory voters in the north of the Pavilion constituency? Is there any evidence that anything is happening on the ground?

    I am amazed that Nikki Bayley has the temerity to hurl insults at BPB and accuse him/her of being angry/rude etc. I think Nikki Bayley should consider how she is harming the Green cause with her remarks.

  5. John, did you mean to write as though you were some form of spam-bot? The whole ‘Nikki Bayley’ repetition is kinda weird. I’m sure you’re making all sorts of valid points but that just plain distracted me.
    I promise I’ll try to concentrate more next time.
    Yrs ad hominemly,

  6. No surprise that instead of actually trying to debate, you throw around insults, albeit weak ones like “spam-bot”. Typical Green, you can’t even smear or insult others properly, let alone do anything particularly positive.

  7. impossible & pointless to debate with such a cross little thing.

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