Review of Brighton Blogs

There are eight regular political blogs in Brighton and Hove.  All are worth a look.  Here is my take on these eight:

Ben Duncan, Green candidate for Brighton Kemptown and councillor in Queens Park Ward, is the most regular political blogger locally. Worth reading each day, although he might like to consider length and should ask himself if everything in each post is worth saying.

Jason Kitcat, Green councillor for Regency Ward, is also a most regular blogger, but of more interst to Green Party members than real people. He can go on, and on, and on about certain subjects, and I am sure he finds it all fascinating. Some of his stuff, however, is spot on.

Mary Mears, Conservative Leader of the City Council, posts weekly, although it mostly lacks politics!  It is as if her entries are drafted by the press office at King’s House. 

Nancy Platts, Labour candidate in Brighton Pavilion, has a cluttered but energetic sight, although without any dates it is difficult to know how up to date it is. She uses photographs well, and demonstrates that she knows where Crabtree Avenue is!

Neil Harding was, until 25th August, the most regular of bloggers but since then, nothing. Is he ok? His blogs are missed.

Andy Richards‘ People’s Republic of Hove is a regular and opinionated blog (both are a good thing).  He is still fighting battles of the 1980’s (not a good thing) and his blog reflects an increasingly marginalised view, but it is still well worth reading. 

Paul Elgood writes the Brunswick Blog but it is as exciting as an out of date edition of Liberal Focus.  If you want to know what letters the 2 Lib Dem councillors have written, and which meeting they have attended, then this is the blog for you.

And finally, there is the Brighton Politics Blog, always wonderful, original, inspirational, and ever so humble.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the namecheck, but am I really “fighting the battles of the ’80s”? It’s all going on now!

  2. Tempted as I was to wade into the debate on the post before this, I’ve resisted, and instead blogged myself about this post on my regular roundup of the best of Brighton’s blogs:

    It also includes an addition to the Brighton politics blogosphere – and I’ve added Dan Wilson to the list too, as although he’s not exclusively political, when he does put that hat on, it’s always a good read.

  3. […] a parking lot – Original Post) The Brighton Politics Blogger was in fine form last week, posting a handy guide to local political blogs – a snappy round-up which quite rightly mourned the recent radio-silence from eminent local blogger […]

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