I Forgot Green Amy

How thoughtless of me – I failed to review the Blog of Green councillor, Amy Kennedy, called “They paved paradise, put up a parking lot”. Anyone who likes Joni Mitchell can’t be all bad! Like this blog, Green Amy comes and goes, posts some interesting stuff and then nothing for a week or few. Tends to have a focus on food, biscuits in particular.  A readable blog, preferably while dunking a biscuit in a hot cup of tea!

3 Responses

  1. You are forgiven BPB, even if you do make me sound like the Pam Ayres of Green political blogging ;)*

    I am now spurred on to post less about biscuits and baking, and more about the very real campaigns I’ve been working on lately in the ward, and further afield.

    Will try and make some time over the weekend for some ‘serious’ blogging.

    Yours aye

    *not that there’s anything wrong with that [*post-modern appreciation of poetry face*]

  2. […] They paved paradise, put up a parking lot – Original Post) Having been variously damned with faint praise and savaged by a dead sheep in recent days over the lack of *proper politix* on this blog of late, […]

  3. […] readers will perhaps spot an omission from the BPB's original Blogroll: but never fear, the BPB is a true lady/gentleman, and was quick to rectify this: although I can't help feeling that her/his précis of my blog makes me sound rather like the Pam […]

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