Labour is behaving like bad losers, undemocratic, and close to the Tories

I angered Labour friends during the Goldsmid by-election when I said that Labour activists preferred a Tory win to a victory for the Green candidate, Alex Phillips. Alex’s victory resulted in parity between Labour and the Greens on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Now Labour, once again, are siding with the Tories over the allocation of Committee places.  The Greens asked for, and have every reason to expect, an increased share of positions on scrutiny panels.  But Labour councillors joined with the Tories to denythe Greens the allocation that would reflect the wishes opf the people of Brighton and Hove, expressed through the ballot box.

This action by Labour and their Conservative colleagues is a disgrace.  Green Convenor, Bill Randall, is right when he says that this will not go unnoticed by the people of the City.  Labour is a declining force in Brighton and Hove, and actions such as this will not help the Party in the general election as it comes across as undemocrtatioc, bad losers, and closer to the Tories than to the Greens, a very real and attractive alternative to those on the left.

One Response

  1. This article sounds good, but the facts are wrong. The Greens HAVE increased their committee places as a result of gaining a seat from the Tories, but they were looking to take an extra committee chair’s position from Labour.

    Parties have to have a proportional number of seats on committees, but scrutiny committees and chair’s positions are supposed to be non-partisan. The Greens were looking to take a chairs position from Labour (it was not Labour that lost a seat) and politicise scrutiny.

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