That Fabulous Platts Woman

I often feel guilty when blogging about Brighton Pavilion. I still sway towards the probability that Caroline Lucas is more likely to beat the Tories than a Labour candidate. I feel guilty, not because this blog may ‘call’ Brighton Pavilion for the Greens in the Tactical Voting Campaign, but because Nancy Platts is a decent, hard working, honourable candidate.  Her misfortune is to be a Labour candidate in the 2010 General Election.

But what is so refreshing about Nancy is the obvious enjoyment she has in campaigning for election. She takes issues seriously and works hard, but does not take herself too seriously, or at least she is willing to poke fun at herself.

Last night I received a message from her in which she makes reference to the debate on this blog about campaigning on the estates. The question has been asked (not by Nancy – she does not comment on her opponents weaknesses) whether Caroline Lucas knows where Crabtree Avenue is, or whether she has ever caught the number 50 omnibus to The Dip in Hollingdean.

What Nancy has done is to post prictures of herself out and about in Brighton Pavilion. These pictures were taken in, err, oh yes, Crabtree Avenue and visiting the post office in The Dip. She signed the message to me “That Platts Woman”, a self-effacing reference to the own goal by Green Councillor, Sven Rufus (see

As always, Nancy, the more people see of you, the more people like what they see. Your intervention is much appreciate.

2 Responses

  1. No offence, BPB, but anyone can stand in front of a sign or a building and have their photo taken, I don’t really see how this has relevance in the scheme of campaigning to win over some voters.

    • Give her a break, Luke! This was done clearly tongue in cheek. It endears her to me, showing she has some humour.

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