Reflections on the Green Party Conference

A political earthquake, shaking the political landscape of Brighton to the core? Well not quite. But it will have given a boost to the Greens as they target Brighton Pavilion at the next general election. The conference made it to the BBC national news, just, and there was some coverage locally. Having several hundred Green activists, some of whom took part in a “mass leafleting” of Brighton Pavilion constituency, will have provided some momentum.

But this was hardly the launch pad Caroline Lucas needs to help her sweep into Parliament.  The Greens need to maintain a higher profile, focusing on issues, being seen out and about. (But please, Green Amy, not the Stassi-style tabard I saw you sporting at the Conference!  What were you thinking?).

What was noticable over the last 4 days was the profile of Nancy Platts. She has been out and about, meeting people, Tweeting until her poor fingers had turned blue. Boy, does she have an interesting life? Well, no actually. A tad overdone, Nancy. I like the policy issues, I like the accounts of meeting residents, but I can give obsessive references to food a miss. Take it as read, we know you cook, you get take aways, you go to the Napier, you eat greeny type food. But please spare us the detail! (For the record I cook a mean roast).

The election campaign is serious stuff, but I for one am really looking forward to the campaign between these two impressive women, Caroline Lucas and Nancy Platts.

4 Responses

  1. When you say that the Green Party conference “made it to the BBC national news, just” … that’s not quite true. Caroline’s speech was on News 24 and she was interviewed on Radio 4’s Today, 5 Live’s Breakfast, BBC 1 Breakfast, BBC South TV, and five local BBC radio stations around the country. Apart from the BBC, the Guardian, Indy, and New Statesman were some of the outlets to also write about the conference.

  2. “Stasi-style tabard” BPB? Steady on! It was bad but not that bad, surely 😉

  3. I interviewed our two Green MEPs for GScene magazine at their Conference. I did it because Dr Lucas and Jean Lambert have a grasp on equality (and inequality) that few others have. Brighton has been very well served by David Lepper for years but the Labour Party can’t put up a name that even I -politically aware- can remember. Caroline Lucas will be our best choice to lead Brighton in to a brighter, and, yes Greener future.

    • Hi Neil, I would encourage you to also interview Nancy Platts. In Brighton Pavilion we are fortunate to have in Caroline and Nancy two first rate candidates. We are spoiled fir choice.

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