Post Office Closures

Having just spent the best part of half an hour queueing at my local post office (I know I got off lightly), my mind turned, as it does, to the general election.

In addition to Iraq, Afghanistan, the recession, etc., the closure of post offices will be a heavy weight around the necks of Labour candidates.

This is an issue the Greens should clean up on, but tthe Party’s lack of campaigning instinct has let them down to date. A million signature petition would have been in order.

Perhaps Labour should admit it got this (amongst other things) badly wrong. Re-opening closed post offices should be in the top ten commitments for a Jon Cruddas administration!

3 Responses

  1. I think that if people go to Google, and type in, “green party” post office, it’ll be clear that, not just in Brighton, but around the country, Greens have campaigned against post office closures. The first two pages of hits describe Green campaigns in Gloucestershire, Kent, Lancaster, Leamington, Leicester, London, St Ives, Stroud and Sutton.

    • Hi Scott, I was referring to the absence of a campaign in Brighton. It is one thing to oppose closure, have a one-off protest outside a post office under threat, put out press releases, get a motion on a Council’s agenda. A different matter to have your members out each morning, talking to pensioners on the post office queues, getting hundreds/thousands of signatures, setting up of a movement againstr closures. I’m just not sure whether the Greens are up to real campaigning, and I saw little, if any activity in Brighton. Having said that, it is Labour who is closing the post offices!

  2. There has been activity in Brighton: Nancy Platts has been supporting the CWU campaign against Royal Mail privatisation and post office closures:

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