Tactical Voting: Why we need to settle our differences

The Conservatives are planning to put an end to universal benefits, devolving administration and benefit levels to local authorities.  They argue that it costs more to live in Essex than it does in Cornwall, and a 17 year old does not need the same as a 30 year old.  Local discretion will be allowed.

This would be the end of universal benefits as we know it. The amount devolved to localities will not maintain the same value as the current benefit levels, and so the ‘blame’ for cuts in benefit will be the respoonsibility of  local politicians rather than national government.

This is just one of the clearest reasons why we need to settle our differences and agree to tactical voting. A Tory majority after the general election will be a disaster for the poor, for local government, for the voluntary sector. I’m scare, very scared.   Tactical voting isn’t a game. It is about protecting the welfare state and defending the poor.

5 Responses

  1. I agree that a Tory government is a scary prospect but I now don’t quite understand what you mean by tactical voting.

    The original motivation of your campaign was to keep the Tory’s out of Sussex. Now you are rightly advocating voting to prevent a Tory majority in Parliament after the next election.

    Surely then the only tactical vote is a Labour vote?

    • No, to keep the Tories out we need a Lib Dem tactical vote in Lewes, Eastbourne and Shoreham and Worthing East, and possibly a Green vote in Brighton Pavilion.

  2. Okay so if we’re now talking in terms of preventing a Tory marjority in Parliament, a Lib Dem vote in those constituencies would be on the premise that a Lib Dem MP would work in a progressive coalition with Labour?

    • Hi Richard. Again, no. I’m not suggesting or advocating a progressive coalition. All I hope to achieve is that there iosn’t a Conservative majority after the next election. It’s that that scares me.

  3. Yes the Lib Dems would vote with other parties in a progressive coalition, if the issue was right – eg the Ghurkas – but Labour isn’t a progressive party, far from it.

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