Sven Rufus clarifies comments

Yesterday this blog was critical of Sven Rufus for comments he had made as part of the debate on tactical voting in Brighton Pavilion. He has posted a response but I thought it would be right to give his response a higher profile:

“A couple of things – no complacency here. The Greens could lose, but Labour won’t win, that is all I was saying.

“As for my ‘that Platts’ woman’ comment – it probably sounded better in my head at 7.15 this morning than it does in text in the cold light of day – it was meant to be jocular/flippant, not disrespectful and apologies if I got the tone wrong.

“I respect Nancy as a campaigner and for her commitment as I understand things, but I can do that at the same time as holding the party she represents in contempt, and acknowledging the certainty (in my mind) that Labour can’t win. Either way, my point remains that she has been an absentee candidate round here in Hollingdean, as much as you would have claimed the same for Caroline on Crabtree Avenue. Maybe I’m wrong, but then maybe you were too. It just strikes me as bizarre that you change your putative tactical support so quickly on such a flimsy basis.

“Oh and I do sometime refer to men as ‘that xxx bloke’. Juvenile maybe, but no disrespect.

“If just had a long and heated debate with an ex-Labour councillor from Adur which reminded me why I’m in the Green Party. I would once have assumed that I would always be a Labour voter, but the party I looked forward to throughout my youth has gone, maybe with John Smith, and never mind the tribal football team mentaility that politics can slip into, I genuinely can’t understand how any true Labour supporter can still stand by the party that has presided over the decade in which this country became the most inequitable that it has ever been. I want the right social outcomes and they won’t come from Labour at present”.

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