An Own Goal by Green Sven in Brighton Pavilion Tactical Vote Campaign

Like buses, you wait and wait and then three come along all at once. So too with the Greens who are clearly upset by recent posts on tactical voting in Brighton Pavilion. I have been bombarded (in a more or less peaceful way) by Ben Duncan, Amy Kennedy, and Sven Rufus, amongst others.

Green Ben thinks I have been unreasonably harsh on Caroline Lucas and the invisibilty of Green activists, saying that it is, after all, the summer holiday season.

Green Amy characteristically puts up well argued, reasoned arguments and provides evidence of Caroline’ activities.

Green Sven has not helped Caroline’ cause by assuming that Labour voters will easily switch from Labour to Greens at a general election and, more damaging, referring to Labour’s Nancy Platts as “that Platts woman”.

Firstly, never underestimate how difficult it is for life-long Labour supporters to change. The Greens can’t be complacent about an automatic tactical vote for the Greens in Brighton Pavilion. Complacency in this respect, bordering on arrogance, could be the Greens Achilles heal. Remember what happened to the Greens in the recent Norwich by-election.

Secondly, the use of the phrase “that Platts woman” does smack of the sexism attached to the criticism of  Thatcher who was often defined by her gender. It never happens to male politicians. When did you last hear reference to “that Blair man”, “that Brown man” or even “that Rufus man”.

The Greens are supposed to offer a different politics but in this respect Sven has scored a terrible own goal.

Treat your opponents with respect. Disagree on policy, fine, but respect Nancy for being a person and candidate of principle, integrity, and commitment.

One Response

  1. Ouch. How unsporting and most ungentlemanly. Is this evidence that the Green are rattled?

    Green material and voices suggest that it’s a two horse race between Tories and Green. But if that were the case, why would the Greens be so edgy? They know that Labour can win in Brighton Pavilion.

    It’s easy to understand why they’re nervy. It’s critical to the Green Party and its future that they win this seat. A defeat would be a real blow to the party and its supposed momentum.

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