Tactical Voting in Brighton Pavilion: Where have the Greens gone?

Just when I was about to advocate that a tactical vote in Brighton Pavilion should be a Green vote, the Greens disappear.  Yes August is a quiet month, but not when you are a candidate in a key marginal seat.  And let’s face it, the Greens have just one key target, Brighton Pavilion.

Labour’s Nancy Platts has been high profile and coinfident.  Where has Caroline Lucas been? “Caroline who?”, you may well ask! While the European Parliament has been on its summer holidays, it would have been an ideal time for Caroline to be seen and get known in Brighton Pavilion. The only press reference I have seen regarding her is a statement from her to do with the latest climate camp in London.

The Greens, generally, since the Goldsmid by-election, when you couldn’t move for Greens, have gone deathly quiet (other than Jason Kitcat who has gone on and on about internal Green Party politics – hasn’t he learned from Labour’s mistakes?).

We have heard not a peep from the Greens. Has Alex Phillips left town? Are the Greens still serious about Brighton Pavilion. Has it all become too much for you?

Unless the Greens really get their act together, then this blog may yet call Brighton Pavilion for Nancy Platts and Labour.

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  1. This blog really should call Pavilion for Nancy Platts: she is a hardworking candidate and she’s been out and about locally this month as she has been for many, many months. Every vote is up for grabs… and not just inside the muesli belt. Labour is out on Crabtree Avenue too!

    She has also taken strong positions on Vestas, foreign policy (right here on this blog!) and… if you follow her on twitter… she’s also taken a few strolls on the Downs too. That’s cos she’s local and you can’t fake that.

    Expect more noise from the Greens this week when their conference comes to Hove. Doubtless we’ll see a mass canvass or the like on the back of that. But it’s hardly the point, is it?

    If Lucas wants to win Brighton, she has to feel the sea breeze in her hair every now and again and not rely on massive party funding for leaflets and publicity. She needs to show her love for this great city: walk the streets and meet some voters.

    Lucas is the absentee candidate.

  2. BPB: would love to see your ascerbic take on Kitcat and the Green party internal squabbles… just for shits and giggles really. ;o)

    For me it just shows where their priorities lie… Lucas, Kitcat and others are obsessed with the Green party and their own careers. Brighton is a vehicle and not a passion.

    Poor old Keith Taylor. A good man. And he knows where Crabtree Avenue is.

    • With respect Dan, I think your repeated mention of the ‘Muesili belt’ and Crabtree Avenue strangely reminiscent of the “fake America vs real America” arguments that have dogged recent presidential elections in the US..

      • Sorry I meant to omit ‘repeated’ etc. as it sounds nit-picky given that to be fair you’ve probably only repeated these mentions once.

  3. To be honest it’s fairly narrow odds for anyone to come across one of the candidates unless one was to stalk them or something.. So this line of argument relies on pretty anecdotal evidence (I don’t mean it’s not relevant though).

    I haven’t seen any Labour, Tory of Lib Dem activists around since the Goldsmid by-election (which isn’t surprising as there was an imminent election) but I’m sure that doesn’t mean those parties aren’t doing anything..

    Still, BPB, I find your constructive criticism worth a good listen!

  4. @Tom M

    It’s not about a real or fake Brighton. But it’s a useful shorthand for the diversity of Brighton and was also a reference to previous BPB pieces

  5. Oh come on! It’s not really any of my business but I think Dr Lucas (and quite a few councillors, of all parties) have been on holiday. Are you suggesting that the voters of Brighton Pavilion will be more interested in being represented by someone who never takes a holiday with their family?

    I for one have had a couple of weeks away from Brighton politics – I went to the West Country – and I certainly hope my summer holiday hasn’t caused too much upset among the voters’ of Queen’s Park or Brighton Kemptown!

  6. Just to enter the fray…

    BPB: Not quite sure where you’ve been looking for us over the last few weeks? I can attest to the fact that there’s been door-knocking aplenty up in Patcham and down in the city centre, and if memory serves, the last few months have seen Caroline head up the Green pride contingent
    (check out these pics to see the lady clearly is leading from the front!: http://www.flickr.com/photos/henrybruce/sets/72157621942683738), meet with local residents across the city about 20 mph speed limits, hold a local public meeting with Peter Tatchell and take part in a public Question Time at Calvary Church to name just a few of her recent activities – and these are just the ones I know about 😉

    On top of all that, it’s safe to say the next few weeks should see a massively more visible Green presence in the city centre, and not just our national party conference which starts today in Hove (incidentally, Party conference also provides a great opportunity to remind people that Caroline is a national party leader, with a decade’s experience of representing Brighton in the European Parliament).

    So, Greens have a dynamic candidate, prioritising meeting and listening to local people first and foremost; a huge local team of committed activists knocking doors; and a few interesting developments in the pipeline. While Labour have, er, fewer than half the votes of the Greens in the most recent citywide election. I think the tactical case for a Green vote to keep the Tories out couldn’t be clearer.

    PS In answer to your recent email: no, I haven’t started Twittering yet, but I have just joined “Crackbook” (as my brother likes to call it) so it can only be a matter of time… 😉

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