A Tactical Vote in Lewes is a Lib Dem Vote

The first call for the Tactical Voting Campaign is for Labour and Greens to support Stormin’ Norman at the General Election.  Norman Baker MP was elected to Parliament in 1997. A former local councillor he has gained a huge reputation at Westminster for his campaigning from the back benches for a public enquiry into the death of David Kelly.

There should be no difficulty in Labour and Greens voting for Norman, unless of course you are a huge fan of Peter Mandelson.  Baker is probably the MP hated most by Mandelson.  All the more reason for voting for him!

Up against him are Jason Sugarman (Conservative) and Hratche Koundarjian (Labour).  Sugarman was educated at Brighton College and Durham University. He is a barrister specialising in criminal law. Having contested Dudley South in 2001, he appears to be a Tory in search of a seat. Koundarjian was educated at Sussex University and works in public affairs. Unfortunately for him, Labour doesn’t stand a hope in hell of winning in Lewes, so Labour voters should have no hesitation in voting Lib Dem.

The result in 2005 was:

Conservative: 15902 (34.2%)
Labour: 4169 (9%)
Liberal Democrat: 24376 (52.4%)
Green: 1071 (2.3%)
UKIP: 1034 (2.2%)
Majority: 8474 (18.2%)

Since then there have been boundary changes.  The UK Polling Report has adjusted the 2005 result to reflect the boundary changes and reports a notional 2005 result as follows:

Liberal Democrat: 26140 (51.6%)
Conservative: 17212 (34%)
Labour: 4943 (9.8%)
Other: 2359 (4.7%)
Majority: 8928 (17.6%)

4 Responses

  1. Well this frankly isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on.

    Norman Baker will storm it without your help.

    Lib Dems in Brighton won’t be voting tactically because Labour and the Greens don’t deserve our votes. You can’t spend your lives slagging off the Lib Dems and then demand that our supporters tswitch on your say so. It doesn’t work that way. Remember the definition of a tactical vote is a borrowed vote.

    And actually more Lib Dems will vote tactically Tory to keep Labour out in seats such as Kemptown than Labour and Green.


    • If you are a Liberal Pseudo Tory you will hold the views you have expressed. Good luck. The Brighton Poltics Blog is clearly not for you.

  2. I like Norman very much and was pleased to work with him on several campaigns in Lewes in the nineties before he won the parliamentary seat in 1997. He has also proved himself to be a bloody tenacious figure in the Commons: Mr FOI himself. However, as a Seagulls man, he hasn’t distinguished himself over the Falmer stadium. ;O)

    But he’s an great example of tactical voting and also why it’s an incremental path.

    Norman fought a hard campaign for ten years before he was elected and fought and lost one general election: 1992… when the Tories were at a low ebb. He was a District Councillor. Huge in local media. He was closely associated with numerous and varied local groups. Which is why I knew him back then.

    He called for tactical voting and I think many people did and do still do that. But tactical voting wasn’t enough. He had to prove himself.

    Caroline Lucas could learn a great deal from Norman Baker. She thinks that if you parachute in from Brussels every now and again that you can take a seat… well Norman Baker proves it takes more than that.

    • I agree about Caroline Lucas learning from Norman Baker. She is no Norman Baker (is there ANYONE like Norman Baker??!!) I have expressed doubts about Caroline and her Brussels base. It is her campaign’s greatest weakness. However, if her supporters can get beyond the muesli-belt, she has what it takes to win in a wipe-out election for Labour.

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