Ethical Foreign Policy? I think not

Labour was elected with what Robin Cook described as an ethical foreign policy. He went in protest to war.

New Labour has brought us Iraq and Afghanistan. New Labour has denied that rendition flights had used UK airports and bases. They had. New Labour denies torture allegations. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Labour candidates, if you want the support of old Labour voters like me need to demand that Brown apologises for the wars, for rendition collaboration, and agrees, now, to a public enquiry into torture allegations.

He looked pathetic when caving into demands that the Iraq inquiry be held (at least in part) in public. He is in danger of a repeat performance over torture allegations.

If Labour candidates can’t achieve this now, they should individually denounce New Labours unethical foreign policy and offer apologies to their constituents.

Lets be hearing from you, Nancy Platts, Simon Burgess and Celia Barlow. These are extraordinary and difficult times for Labour. Extraordinary and exceptional actions are required from it’s candidates if they are to have any chance at the elections.

2 Responses

  1. I’m happy to clarify where I stand on these issues.

    I have consistently opposed the war in Iraq. I was on the early demonstrations in Parliament Square campaigning against the war and also went on the marches. I am, like many people in Brighton, in favour of an independent, public, far-reaching enquiry. I also oppose rendition and torture.

    Transparency and scrutiny help democracy and politics thrive, so I naturally expect government to be open and honest on these issues. If I’m elected, I will be vocal in calling for full disclosure.

    I am a member of CND and I’m also against the renewal of Trident.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. A strong, clear, unequivocal statement. It represents the principled person and politician I know you to be. Labour supporters in Brighton Pavilion can take comfort that they have a real Labour candidate, committed to peace, internationalism and an ethical foreign policy.

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