No Green / Labour Pact, thank goodness

It’s official.  There will be no Green / Labour / Lib Dem pact to form an administration on Brighton and Hove City Council.

This blog, on 21st July, urged the Greens not to form an alliance with Labour.  I wrote: “Why on earth would the Greens get into bed with their arch rivals when they are hoping to beat Labour in Brighton Pavilion thus achieving their biggest success ever by having Caroline Lucas elected? What should happen is the abolition of the Cabinet system at Brighton and Hove City Council which must be the least democratic of all the options available.

“The City should be run by all councillors, not a select few who do not enjoy the majority support in the City. The electorate have not given a mandate to any party and therefore the important decisions should be taken by full Council. It may well mean that councillors having to meet more often, but whoever said that democracy was easy?”

Typically, Labour leader Gill Mitchell has attacked the Greens for not wishing to compromise their beliefs, saying that in the real world real politics is full of compromises. Green group convenor Bill Randall said that the Greens had decided that they could better serve the City by championing Green policies as a free, stand-alone group.

What I want to see from Gill Mitchell is a vision for 2011 onwards, what Labour would do if it regained control of the City Council (at present most unlikely). I want to be inspired. I want her to apologise for the failures of the last Labour administration and for her to develop a wide coalition of interests, as Labour did in the mid 1980’s, that will bring diverse groups together. That is the challenge for Labour (and for that matter, the Greens also).

One Response

  1. BPB – Gill Mitchell is a party aparachik, she is destroying the Labour group – which in Brighton is one of the most right-wing in the country. For Gill Mitchell read the worst of the Labour party a la Gordon Brown.

    You say no party NOW has majority support – but the truth is that no party has EVER had majority support. It has been the first-past-the-post system that delivered the majority of councillors to parties who got nowhere near a majority. The Tories only got about 33% of the vote but took control of the council. Like you say, the most democratic way forward is for all parties to be in the cabinet and on committees.

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