Traffic Chaos in Brighton

Heads should roll because of the chaos on Brighton’s roads today (Sunday). And the first to go should be the Cabinet member on the City Council responsible for traffic management.

A beautiful mid-summer’s day, the London to Brighton bike ride, two main thoroughfares closed, and the train companies refusing to take bikes!

What a recipe for chaos.

Is it beyond the ability of the Council to negotiate with the train companies to put on extra trains and carriages to cope with the thousands of extra passengers.

No, instead, hundreds of extra vans, lorries and cars clogged our roads, polluting our air , and bringing the city to a standstill.

Why doesn’t the City Council do all in it’s power to discourage motorists from driving down from London. We have a great rail service from the capital. It should be used to the maximum on exceptional days like today, and at all other times.

Cars will be the ruin of Brighton and Hove. Shame the Tory leadership in Brighton and Hove can’t see that.

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