Teaching and the BNP

Members of the BNP and Combat 18 may not serve in the police force or prison service, but it’s fine that they can teach our children. Or at least that is the view of the General Teaching Council for England.

The GTCE has refused to write a clause into its code for teachers barring BNP members from working in state schools.

Amazingly, you can be a priest in the Church of England and a member of the BNP, although the CofE is considering a ban.

What is needed is a code of ethics for all public services and servants that enshrines rights and duties so that gender, racial, ethnic and other discrimination is outlawed, and that breaches of the code should result in the individual being permanently disbarred from public service.

That would go some way in dealing with the BNP and, at the same time, Islamic extremists.

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