The Greens will never be a national force

In recent postings I have advocated voting Green in Brighton Pavilion at the general election, both as a positive vote and as a way of keeping out the Tories.

I am not a Green and Labour Party friends have been critical of my advocacy for tactical Green voting in the Goldsmit by-election. Let me explain my attitude towards the Greens.

Caroline Lucas is an impressive leader and a very credible candidate. Her honesty and candour contrasts very positively to the well drilled, spin machine of Labour.

Her weakness as a candidate in Brighton Pavilion is her poor record as a local campaigner. When compared to the current MP, David Lepper, who has been a community activist for over 30 years, Lucas comes over as remote and lacking local knowledge. She would struggle to make small talk with fellow passengers on the number 46 bus, if she was ever to catch it.

Being the leader of the Greens and an MEP will not help her overcome this deficit.

The Greens themselves, under Lucas’s leadership, have become a more credible electoral force. There are fewer eccentrics in their ranks and they have some very impressive Brighton and Hove Councillors including Bill Randall and Sven Rufus.

Ultimately, though, the Greens will remain a fringe party, incapable of making the breakthrough achieved in Germany and France because they are not of the left, nor do they present a coherent economic position.

Lucas as an MP will stir things up, but the Greens will never be a meaningful national political force.

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  1. I’d be interested to know if you still stand by this article? Or whether your views have changed.

    This is from before i joined the Greens but i feel its different now from then, especially on the economics stuff.

    I know what you mean about being a party of the left, people don’t see the Greens like that (Partly as Caroline Lucas often doesn’t quite say we’re a part of the left when asked) But I think we’re about a more equal society and sticking up the poor. So i would say we are probably a party of the left we just don’t sell ourselves that way. Which has its advantages…

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