Dangerous Times -the Rise of the BNP

The rise of the extreme right can often be linked with the failure of centre left politics. So many expectations rested on the election of a Labour government, and it is fair to acknowledge its enormous achievements following almost 2 decades of Conservative rule.

However, Labour has failed to fundamentally redistribute wealth and many communities are still scarred by several generations of unemployment.

The BNP were able to go into these communities and spread their pernicious lies about immigration, not least that BME households were being prioritised for housing above the so-called indigenous community.

The reality is that BME households are more likely to live in overcrowded and substandard housing than other sections of the community.

Labour, it seems, has become obsessed with power, and which clique will prevail. It has lost sight of its true purpose, to bring about social justice and economic reform so that all are lifted out of poverty and all can achieve their aspirations.

These are dangerous times. The rise of the BNP must be halted and this will only be achieved if the economic conditions improve and for all. Labour has prioritised the rescuing of the banking sector. An equal commitment must now be made to the poorest communities in the land.

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