Put up or shut up

Following a meeting of the PLP, it seems as though Gordon Brown has reasserted his leadership of the Labour Party. Yet at a meeting of Progress, Stephen Byers has stated that Gordon Brown cannot lead Labour to victory at the next general election. He has handed a propaganda coup to the Conservatives who will be able to quote his speech continuously between now and the general election.

In the past, those on the left of the Labour Party have been expelled for disloyalty for criticising the leadership. It is time that the Labour Party deals with the Blairites who continue to sow division and dissent in the Party.
The likes of Byers, Purnell, Flint and Blears should either put themselves forward for election or shut up.

One Response

  1. Well said. Caroline Flint is a total hypocrite. One day she defends Brown, the next she has a hissy-fit and throws her toys out of the pram. Then she complains of window-dressing, having posed for the Observer colour supplement. The anti-Brown rebellion was no more than some embittered Blairites who have become sidelined irrelevant nobodies.

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